We have all been on Instagram and seen all the extravagant vacations, clothes, jewelry, and houses that Instagram models post on their page every day. We have all thought to ourselves “WOW! I wish I were in their shoes” literally…I wish I could wear those Louboutin heels! If you have never thought this for at least a second, you’re lying…let’s be honest. 

Everywhere we look on social media someone is either showing off their huge sparkling engagement ring, brand new house, or fancy car. It’s like we want to prove to people that I MADE IT, FAM! We are loud when it comes to proving to people that we are successful and have nice things, while we hide our weaknesses (like when we hide our favorite snack all the way in the back of the fridge so people don’t know it’s there). Truth is, we are human and we all have our fair share of weakenesses. 

The problem isn’t that we have become more self-centered than ever before, or that there are 4-year-olds running around with iPhones and iPads. The problem is that we think happiness is the equivalence of how many nice things we own, and we constantly have to prove it on social media. Look, the reality is that there will always be someone with nicer things, and there will always be someone with more than what we have. 

Be humble. Be a good friend. Be a great spouse. Be a loving parent. Let’s teach our children that happiness is not equivalent to how many nice things we own, but how much love we give. Happiness is being grateful for what we have and making the best of what we have. When considering the concept that there is always someone with more, there are also plenty of people with less. Let’s always remember this. 


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